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Niagera Falls

Pirates, O, Oh. Where's me rum?

Elora Ontario

Mississauga Farmers Market

St. Jacobs

Ontario Spring

Waterloo Airport

Nature's: Mother's Day gift

To Our Fellow Canadians in Manitoba, it been a has been a long time coming, but we have had one day of spring in south Ontario, Hope you get there soon.

Toronto April 23, 2022

Toronto From the Island

Toronto March 2020

Barricaded Downtown Toronto


Amazing Sunrise

January Thaw

On the Go

Go Rail and Bus Backgrounder

Above: the bus Mechanic. Above that: Laying Track on concrert ties. To the right. The rail Excavator a very fast machine.

Above some of the mechines used in railway construction copyright Phil Musgrave

When you ride a bus or train remember, with thanks, to think about the people who work in the background to keep you Moving

It is sort of like having a thought for the backend coder who keeps your website running.

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The rear end view from Ion Streetcar Waterloo

Mississauga Transitway in Winter 2022 going to Toronto: Wait for it