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Review Beyond the Line

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Beyond the Line is the perfect portrait of a coward, there is a hero in this story he is Hero in this story and he is American. The British soldier, Sydney Baker, in the story is a narrator. He is a soldier with no guts, lacks discipline, and has trouble controlling his emotions.

The American soldier played by Jackson Berlin is a proficient killer of German soldiers. The fact that he saves Sidney Baker's life makes him a hero. However he is a dead hero in the end. His wish is that his wife and child be told he did his best.

Sydney Evan fails to keep this promise. The movie is well put together and the photography is far out and the movie was made in 2019. Here is more


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A little hard to watch if you're white. A film based on the true story of the Tuskegee airmen. who fought hard to win the second world war, but did it as an all black group of fighter pilots.

This happened because of racial injustice. It is rated alongside the movie “hidden figures'' as a happy chapter in the history of people of color in the United States of America. A deeper understanding is needed to expand our Knowledge of these events, and how these fighting men changed history. Full Cast and Crew The storyline is about a squadren of pilots who are about to be retired, until they prove valuable as brave fighter escorts for American Bombers running daylight raids.

The Bear 1988 Tristar

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Riveting and anyone who likes animals will love this movie about a bear hunt gone wrong. Imdb and, who does not like a good bear story? So this is the story of a bear and orphan cub. who teams up with a bad tempered male adult bear.

This is not Disney and it does not read like Disney. The film is a terrific family flick. So going down the list, picture quality is good, Sound effects are excellent, acting extraordinary.

Movie Review The Legend of Ben Hall (2017) by Phil Musgrave

An Australian Cowboy film, Mate, but so much deeper and more moving than any Western Movie. The Legend of Ben Hall is a 2016 Australian bush-ranger film. Written and directed by Matthew Holmes. it is based on the exploits of bush-ranger Ben Hall and his gang. from wikipedia link here. The film stars Jack Martin in the title role, Jamie Coffa as John Gilbert, and William Lee as John Dunn. This is much more than the story of Ben Hall and his Gang. It is a portrait of a man of deep emotion, certainly a violent man. Jack Martin is the lead actor and he takes us to some wild emotional places. Places where we don’t really want to go. Bush-ranger Bell Hall is more than a thug. He is an anti hero and a misfit. Director Jack Martin, bring us to a point at the end where you feel sorry for the destruction of this man. More about Ben Hall Cast and Crew

Movie Review A Night to Remember (1958)

Just how many times has the titanic sunk on celluloid. It only really sank once the night April 14 and 15 1912, but in this stiff upper lip portrait of the sinking Queen of the sea. Read about it: The History Channel the ship was built at a time when luxury sea travel was one major contributor to the world's economy. Modern folk of course remember the version with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio There is one more portrayal of the sinking of the great ship committed to film and that one has Barbera Stanwick. So Binge out and watch all three in order.

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The day Britain Stopped 2003

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This movie is a great piece, the characters in it seem very real particularly the women air traffic controller. The storyline starts with News reports of a commuter train strike. That does happen as a consequence the roads get messed up pretty badly causing delays for people getting to work on time. Including the air traffic controllers, there is a mid air collition. This seems a silly story now in the middle of a Pandemic. It could very well have happened