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The Movies and More Anthony Hopkins

The Movies of Matthew McConaughey

The Movies of Matthew McConaughey

With a natural gift for acting Matthew McConaughey.

Is one of the leading players on the field in 2021. He did not get here on talent alone. he has proven himself by playing diversified roles.

It’s the voice and body movement that he combines into the parts he plays on the screen.

Still Matthew is not always, "that person," in every role he plays he is not easily type cast. The scope and reach of his abilities is enhanced by Method Acting, particularly in the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Here is a list of his

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The Bear and other Reviews

Face Off Not about Hockey

The day Britain Stopped 2003

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Wikipedia the day Britain stopped IMDB cast

This movie is a great piece, the characters in it seem very real particularly the women air traffic controller. The storyline starts with News reports of a commuter train strike. That does happen as a consequence the roads get messed up pretty badly causing delays for people getting to work on time. Including the air traffic controllers, there is a mid air collition. This seems a silly story now in the middle of a Pandemic. It could very well have happened

Another Tubi Movie Review. Faceoff

This is not a movie about hockey It is about John Travolta's face, well not really. There is some lethal action in the movie. The kind you would expect watching a John wicks flick, the man with the rubber body and he just won’t die. The plot is very interesting. You need to watch the happy ending Cast and Crew. Wikipedia