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The day Britain Stopped 2003

Copyright Phil Musgrave pseudo-documentary

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This movie is a great piece, the characters in it seem very real particularly the women air traffic controller. The storyline starts with News reports of a commuter train strike. That does happen as a consequence the roads get messed up pretty badly causing delays for people getting to work on time. Including the air traffic controllers, there is a mid air collition. This seems a silly story now in the middle of a Pandemic. It could very well have happened

Another Tubi Movie Review. Faceoff

This is not a movie about hockey It is about John Travolta's face, well not really. There is some lethal action in the movie. The kind you would expect watching a John wicks flick, the man with the rubber body and he just won’t die. The plot is very interesting. You need to watch the happy ending Cast and Crew. Wikipedia