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Sea Soxs a short story copyright Phil Musgrave.

The sea soxs were walking on a giant snail in the backyard where the chickens grew close to the fence.

“Ouch!, ”Snail said ”a little too heavy ”,and brother John was, in the long grass, Making like a gorilla, walking on his knees and knuckles. ‘“Wisdom ls with old people’,retorted the snail after the sea socks had passed him by, This is a big garden for Sea Sox, Life will be the teacher,” Sea Sock always talks in Pairs.

“What is that you say, oh decrepit one?, ”

Solomon snail lay silent as he saw the danger he was in, after all a simple garden snail could be broken and worse even eaten. The navy colored chickens were under the Plum tree pecking at the fruit.

The chickens not to be eaten until Sunday breaded and dipped in honey. The deep blue Iris sang in harmony

”If you take away old like me you loose wisdom,” Snail stated flatly as if it was to mean something“”

After that he was plucked into the sky and swallowed by a bird. The socks ran away to the house and their mother, being white they were easy to spot,

The wisdom of the owl was imparted to Only at night, and then he ate the small things so he really couldn't be trusted. It was the pole in the Garden, who had the knowledge. After all, he was the tallest next to the trees, but he did not speak.

John addressed the pole,”I want to know how a dump truck works? And how to play baseball on a field ”, The pole was silent. So John asked the fence, it was a white picket fence, about clock works, tissue paper, and dogs. He had all these questions on his mind since grade 1 . ”Grandpa”,John said “Why do fish live in water?``''Why do dogs bark?”“How do you make a house?

”Grandpa,”ok son, too many questions. Off to bed we will talk in the Morning.” But morning never came for Grandpa, and the questions remained unanswered, only the pole knew , But he wasn’t talking.

I lost a good friend Because I took the Vaccine

Copyright Phil Musgrave

This is a sad story about how I lost a friend because I got the vaccine. This website is standing in favour of vaccinations against covid-19. Although on this website There are some cartoons that make fun or talk about a situation in a different light.

It's good to have was a sense of humour to keep it alive through the Perils of this pandemic. Whether this virus was man-made or not is irrelevant to personal health issues. It is difficult to test and trust new Science.

It is good to keep the number of people being vaccinated high, as high as we can get. There is a concern here that New variants could cause wave 4 and the thing will never stop . We must have faith in man and God

We must believe man has been given the intellectual tools by God to bring this thing to a proper and safe conclusion. That God would not allow all humanity to perish.

It is a new day for medicine. The challenges forced by this pandemic have advanced our scientific knowledge. We might someday have DNA Vaccines that cure cancer.

and our cultural understanding and have in some ways brought us together.

The history of humankind on Earth is filled with Tales of failure incompetence and the lack of compassionate action selfishness. Greed, war hatred and racial inequality. The history of mankind is a story of getting better. We no longer live with the judgements and constraints of the Middle Ages. We no longer live with the savagery of the Roman Empire, we are getting better at what we do. We are moving towards a better world, a better humankind.

Future humans will live in the Stars and there will be happy places to be. The homeless and sick will be cared for. but for now it's still good to the See shops reopen their doors and schools that have children. It is good to take the time out to watch a good hockey game.

My story is a sad one, that I should lose a friend because I took the vaccine.

If you think you might lose a friend because you took the vaccine, Try to understand their point of view. Be true to what you believe.

Sock Pelmanism

Sock Pelmanism

A Short fictional writing copyright Phil Musgrave.

This is a game you play when you're sorting out your socks. I got a match, I say to myself because there has been no one else in the room. I know you don't have one. A voice inside me says. This one does not have that line at the top. Maybe if I laid them all out on the bed. And turned on the top light I might be able to see better but this is usually an exercise performed early in the morning. when I have other bodily functions to attend to.

I don't drink coffee, but if I did, I might think, sometimes, to scratch my head deep in thought like Plato or Socrates Who everyone knows always had matching socks. It's an even more difficult choice In Winter Because you a big heavy boots on and you don't want your socks running into the toe. Then there's the fact I am Color Blind. I used to feel rather odd and out of place, riding the buses in the summer with two different coloured socks sometimes they weren't even the right match.

That was until I meant a beautiful young lady, a student on the bus. who was wearing two different coloured shoes. She said that her dad had taught this trick: you buy two different pairs of shoes That are different colours and then mix and match.



A writing: copyright Phil Musgrave.

The world is a better place because certain people live in it. Vicki is one of those people. Simple and straightforward.

My trust in Victoria was never misplaced. I met Vicki at The University Of Guelph on my second time around. Although I was already active on campus. I had decided to return to school. Vicki was my SAS counselor. She helped students in need of Special Assistants.

What was wrong.

I was born into this world a child with problems. I had a Movement disorder. I was color blind and. dislectsic It takes a very special parent to recognize and nourish a child with Special Needs. When a disable child has no advocate the problems are worse.

For the longest time doctors thought I could be treated with the right kind of psychotropic medication. If it could only be found.

There was inside me abnormal amounts of anxiety. That was from my background. Nothing a little love could not have put right at the beginning

Looking for a job and meaning in life was always a trial. No one wants a hand out. Working for nothing is not pleasant either. Ask anyone on covid 19 benifit.

What made it better.

It was late in my life that someone else had a positive effect that changed it for the better. Dr Mander S Jog and he prescribed a pill a primidone the effect was like a rebirth

Unfortunately for me it came too late in my life to help me get the kind of job I wanted.

Charlie Came Back as a Snail

Charlie Came Back as a Snail

A writing: copyright Phil Musgrave.

Veronica was reading aloud from her story to virtual class ”Charlie came back as a snail,” she repeated herself.

”What kind of a snail?” came a voice over the internet. ”Stop Interrupting her. ” It was the instructor. ”Now is this your writing assignment Veronica?”

”Yes Mam.”

”Then speak clearly, you can remove your mask.”

Veronica continues ”So Charlie knew he must have died, because this morning he was something different. Even a heavy night at the bar and some bedtime weed could not have this effect. He had no hands and a slimy foot. Who knows what this body was eating he could not look. Anyway his eyes seemed to be on stalks.”

”Whatever it was he was eating, It gave him gas, and plenty of it, enough to deplete the ozone layer.”

”Veronica is this the best you could do?” It was the instructor again, Miss Glitz. Semi famous for her short poems.

”Yes mam”.

”If you don’t bring this story out of the gutter, I will have someone else read.”

”let her finish.” said the voice on the internet.

Veronica continues ”A fly buzzed past, but Charlie was too busy climbing this strange green tree with his one sticky foot to notice the insect. Suddenly a noise in the grass, a long sticky tongue draws Charlie into the mouth of a cow

Charlie wakes in a sweat. ”Well thank goodness that wasn’t real.” Charlie thought If I had morphed to a wasp, I might have stung Miss Glitz .”

“Alright young lady, that's a detention for you. You are to report to virtual room 101 after school..”

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Pumpkin Time

A writing: copyright Phil Musgrave.

They're bigger than a car even, an SUV, a Pickup or even a Semi truck trailer Combination, and some are even too wide to fit the traffic lane. A History of the tracker made its evolution into the centerpiece of farm life. Chicken Pig or beef. There are of course many other types of farms. The video next door shows the many chores the

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A short story: copyright Phil Musgrave.

Sometimes the feelings overwhelm me and I must admit I take it out on Margo. Margo is my bike, she is French, well, she thinks she is. I keep telling her she is made in America. She is big and red and her tires are sturdy.

“That's not French that’s Big strong American Know How” I say. She however constantly reminds me that she only has three speeds and does not do hills very well, Like any sophisticated young French Aristocratic Lady.

I would never think to tell her she is not young anymore. She just might refuse to speak to me. She can’t be seen outdoors without her hat and her bustle, two wire baskets both front and back.

I don’t want to talk out of school here, but she does have smooth curves, and a comfortable ride. What can I say, “she’s French”

The Three Best Teachers I ever had

A short story: copyright Phil Musgrave.

Some people say that life is a good teacher, the question is teacher of what. Life can sometimes dish out some very crude lessons. People are bundles of insecurity and sometimes refuse to accept a person with a disability as being their equal or “brother”.

At work and at school Judgment will be passed. “How can you say he needs a scribe for exams he does alright with the computer?” “If he is color blind then he should not be in art!” “He had a better mark than me but he has no friends.” “He is downgrading the academic value of the course.”

I have had these things said to me at times and I don’t care to remember. I struggled at school, it was not easy for me. So hard if fact that I sometimes wondered if there was a compassionate God in the universe. Why would a loving God give me so many burdens. I am and try to remain good, but like everyone I have my bad moments.

So the best teachers I ever had were three young men at University. They all taught me the same course, Studio Art.

The professor was a white Christian man who gave his weekly lecture in a small room referred to as the Cave.

His vocabulary was amazing. His understanding of teaching methods was exceptional. He knew all about motivation and the young student mind.

My TA for this course was a black man, with the kindest heart I have ever known. He shared many qualities of character with his professor. This man made me feel good about myself and tried to teach me how to succeed.

My last best teacher was someone I could call a friend

He was a TA too. A helper to me, you would say. He struggled too with Identity and relationships. He always had a ready smile. I was happy to call him friend.

Knowing these three was a wonderful humans was an experience, an enrichment of my life. I miss school and the good people I found there. The world has changed and again I am just me. A student of life.

The Artless Cow

A short story copyright Phil Musgrave.

This story begins with Joey, as he tries out his new Christmas gift. Joey has been given a set of fancy Headphones to go with a new cell phone. He can't wait to try them out. Joey's On The Bus, His New Wireless head earbuds in ears, all ready to rhumble. He wants to make it look like he is talking to himself. So he has hidden everything out of sight. He is talking to Ruth, a captive audience that he knows will engage in just about any conversation.

“Maybe cows were meant to art,”Joey says in a loud voice

“Maybe it is a natural function that reduces germs in the cow’s gut.”

“How can you say that? The unheard voice at the other end of the line.” This is not something Joey wanted. A one way conversation, that's what Joey wanted. Joey of course was wearing his dog mask for covid 19 that is in the hope of not getting it. Every time he talked it looked like the Dog pictured on his mask was barking. There is a cat sitting next to him. That is to say a lady in a cat mask socially distanced of course. She is reading a book to herself out loud, and there goes her mouth meow, down the bus a bit there is a man addressing a pole. He Grabs it and says “Science and Technology.” The pole says “I am a pole, I don’t often talk but you are holding me a little tight.” The bus says “Face coverings are now Mandatory.” Joey says “This my stop I will talk to you later Ruth.

Moby Dick

In search of Moby Dick

A short story: copyright Phil Musgrave.

“How I spent my summer Holidays” is the name of a book by W.O, Mitchel, best read of a cold Canadian winter night. W. O. spoke of the time when a boy child has only a hint of his only future manhood, and can therefore spend his time digging out holes in the Canadian soil prairie for really no reason at all.

As a man grows older even with a family he still holds within him a desperate need to do things apart in the company of other men, fishing is one of those activities that men can do together alone.

My story starts slowly with a quiet coxing of curiosity and the urging of a friend. Yes I had been fishing before. I would happily relate to anyone within earshot. How I had caught my first pike on a ten dollar rod and reel set and a catfish too. On the same day. So this would satisfy any one who asks about my manhood regarding fishing.

Although it could have stayed that way watching local baseball was an outlet for that kind of spirit. It had been for years. I could sit for hours watching the light play on the field. Taking pictures and greeting old friends and eating ballpark hotdogs.

Then something changed, no more local baseball. What was to happen to my manhood? I thought of the time I had seen Tiger Woods play golf on the media and after making a great shot someone in the crowd screamed out “you're a man Tigar.” My golfing skills were non-existent.

Catch a pike yes yeah, hole in one no.

So off to fish we went, back to nature, what else could a man do in the summer of 2020. I had to reclaim my man hood somewhere. If it was to pull a fighting fish to shore and throw it back. My manhood would cry out for satisfaction.

It was a long journey no fish “what you catch?” He caught them all,. but I was patient and the Gods of nature were kind to my bruised ego. 16 sunfish and one on the first cast. Now I was hooked from that point on it was a fish every time. Most of them baby freshwater cod. The ugliest baby a mother could set eyes on.

So I remain in search of Moby dick.

The Swans Of Stratford Ontario