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Short Fiction Phil Musgrave: Cow on Mars

Short fiction copyright Phil Musgrave

Fog it was in London, it was not in London, no it was fog in Canada. Barth loved fog, but every time it got foggy, his sister’s voice over the phone peevish with anxiety. She practically lived in her car, and fog messed with her mind. “It is not as bad as I thought it would be now that I am driving in it.” Barth’s mind drifted to the subject Fog, 

“Private,” he thought, “the thicker the better. Sometimes an angel heralding an abrupt change in weather. Yet as much a part of God's creation as the Robin in spring.” 

“Are you even awake? Count backwards from $100.00 taking away $7.00 each time”

“Oh, do not go on with that. I happen to like fog It is part of the world God made

"You and your, God why does God have to be male, I can feel no love form God.”

Both Barth and his sister had grown up in a devoted faith environment. He himself did not have the conceit to question the creator of a Universe that had evolved in time and was still in motion not always to follow the rules of earth-bound science,

“Fog is beautiful like the stardust of the Orion Nebula it is a happy place A part in the time of Gods act of creating a beautiful counterpoint to humankind’s pain of war. “

“You're just being stupid now. Why is God not a woman?” 

“Because, my dear sister, God, at least the Jesus we know, was a man”

Why does God allow war.

Barth “I do not Know, but I think Ukraine war will go nuclear if we as people do not start talking to each other.” 

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