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By phil Musgrave

Making that connection on time, for work or play is what makes transit tick. Running to make the connection in snow, rain or summer heat. What will make transit ridership go up? No one wants to be left at a GO station for more than fifteen minutes. The train service for GO between Burlington and Oshawa. Is punctual and fast and very comfortable. However communication is a problem. Notice boards are hard to read and understand. Even the arrivals announcer had trouble identifying what track the express would arrive on. With platforms located 4 across 4 tracks it is important that the customer knows the platform the train will arrive on. Color coding and good communication might solve this Problem.

Intercity GO busses SHOULD NOT LEAVE ANYONE STRANDED. The customer is always first talk to the customer If they are traveling from Guelph to University of Waterloo the driver can ask that bus to wait for the connection

Below is a diagram of the advantages of LRC. One Higher capacity, Two one care can take passengers from both sides of a given street. A bus cannot.

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