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 I am really trying to understand I really am. but I am a more than aa little insulted when I was offered a wheelchair. To sit in watch QQTR play a fantasic hockey game at the Gyphon center last night. after climbing the stair to the Gryphon arena last night. I could not find a way down tthe stairs of the fan seating area because there was no railing in place anywhere. I do sufferr from essential tremor and have a bit of vertigo. that combined with the fact that the arena seating area is well above the the Ice.was the reason I was unable to reach the fan seating with out extremely difficulties.

Not only that but the wheelchair was  in disrepair, torn at the back. Thank the good lord I did not need to use the  of  Tiny little elevator that  I used to take my wife on who was wheelchair bound. 

The University of Guelph Is Obliged by law to provid equal access to disabled people. Now I find myself agian feeling in danger on campus althought I no longer take many photos I happen on this stormy night that I needed and requested access to the loweer part of the Gyphon center it was here I was offered the wheelchair and here I was victimized by a student staff menber who did nothing to solve my problem but he needed to discus his uncles house in Florida.He did however tell me the story of the woman who had arrived to see a hockey game in a weelchair. He told me the elevator was hard to find and very tiny. A key for it had to be obtained for a retailerr in the building. 

When my wife and I used this same contraption years ago I had to squeeze on with her because she was not self directed The University of Guelph has been very burtal crude and insluting to me as a disabled person only after being pushed hard did this Public intiution make  proper accommodations for disabled people. I was once failed an art assignment because I was colorblind. an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. 

A staff repersentavive did finally appear but only to tell me about how I had misbehaveed 

Just one little thing I have worked very hard to make a gift to the university of my lives work. This is probably a joke to some people. But I can tell you hearing someone laugh at you because of how you eat or being septerated from your friends because you have to ride an elevator that they can't get on with you, and nobody can find the key for after the game is done. These things Hurt 

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How to end poverty without spending a dime of taxpayers Money. Get rid of red tape     

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Tents Downtown

A New Approach Something has to Change

Editorial opinion: The first of several articles, videos and other materials that will be available on this website about poverty. Over the new year 

I don't pretend to be an expert on the subject, but I do have some qualifications in journalism. and I do plan to keep this objective as possible. I think what must be examined first is food and access to it. Most Canadians can go to their kitchen to get their food. But the people living in the tent city have few choices when it comes to food.

 In Guelph, the homeless line up at the church downtown street which offers lunch and dinner. When did the situation come about and why? During the summer months when life is easier, and you can sleep outside, there's no need to shelter being homeless, the need for shelter is diminished. Most people would agree that camp started about July of 2023 with one tent Tent. And it must be admitted that's it takes some audacity to place a tent in the middle of the business district downtown and then plug into the hydro off the poles that should have been ending for Christmas lighting.

The camp grew and as it grew more elements were added wooden skids and propane tanks but no Johnny on the spot. It is easy to think from my remove all class picture window that this camp is an eyesore, a health hazard and fire Hazard But to the people who live in this camp it is called home and it cost them a fair amount of their income to buy the now plastic sheeting that now protect them from the rain. Snow and the cold Canadian winter.

It is in everyone's interest to talk to these people to find out why this phenomenon is appearing in many communities. There are shelters all over the city, but some are far away from the central food store. So why are these people given free food at a central church? This has to do with the distribution of government funds and grants certain community churches have given grant money to feed the poor. However, it is questionable when a church hires people with that same money to feed the poor. 

My brother Ben was unlucky in life, he had behavioral issues and somewhere around the age of fourteen he was placed in a youth institute. He was by no means a perfect boy and he went through life creating some of his own problems he never worked’ because he couldn't, Ben loved music and reading. At the time of his death, he did have housing, but he was hiding $3000 from the government so that he would not get penalize. My brother towards the end was pathetic, he lived in a room rented to him by a compassionate soul have found in their heart to rent him. He resided in London, ON, and his days consisted mostly of finding something to eat. He wandered from church to church, one served breakfast, another serving dinner lunch and then to another church finally dinner. There was nothing wrong with the quality or quantity of the food but what kind of a life do you have when most of your time is spent walking the street from church to church.

In Guelph in the trust of a lawyer and accountant, Ben's mother I left him $70,000 that money still in the bank the day he died hit by a truck because his leg could not get him across the road fast enough.

The Hunger Report:  Something is wrong. 

"The causes of homelessness are numerous and complex. Homelessness can be caused by poverty, unemployment or by a shortage of affordable housing, or it can be triggered by family breakdown, mental illness, sexual assault, addiction, financial difficulty, gambling or social isolation. Domestic violence is the single biggest cause of homelessness in Australia."

Credited  above-Aurstralian human right Commission      

 According to the Ontario government website1, police officers who respond to domestic violence occurrences should:

The police response may vary depending on the circumstances and the needs of the victim. The police aim to protect the victim and prevent further violence, while respecting the victim’s rights and choices.

1: Intimate partner violence |

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"The largest group of people experiencing homelessness are single men. According to the State of Homelessness in Canada: 2013, adult men between 25 and 55 years of age represent almost half (47.5%) of those experiencing homelessness in Canada.  A study that explored only homeless shelters found that in 2009, 73.2% of shelter users 16 and older were male. The gap between males and females widens with age so that while males make up 60% of the youth population in homeless shelters, they make up nearly 80% of adults over 55." 

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