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Editorial Opinion Author Unknown

Islamification now there is word for your Scrabble bored. It was on the news this morning’s report. competently pronounced by a reader who didn't even stumble over the word. Is there a word Catholicsized. It was a story about some software being developed in India and there would be money spent on software that was to be Islamified. Islam is it religion not a country therefore it follows that money is being spent to make religious software.

That brings up an interesting point can you make software that has a bias. If you really look at it, Bing might be considered a liberal, or in United States, a Democrat. Maybe al liberal Democrat. Could they make a righteous conservative Internet browser. It might give a better short history of Donald Trump then Bing does. There is the episode In Star trek where Jean Luc Picard meets some backward time dated person from the history of humankind. Picard explains to them that in the 23rd century there's no such thing as money. We can only wish government debt in the trillion’s, inflation, homelessness, and credit card rates like the mob used to charge never mind the rent. Well Johnny your great, great, great, great grand children might see the 23rd century. And then they would be happy as two hippies in love from the 1960s listening to Janis Joplin and living in a commune.

The 23rd century would there Islam? The Democrats donkey jailed for not wearing a headscarf. And what would happen to poor old jumbo.

Editorial  more on homelessness

Editorial Opinion

It should be explained in a little more detail why we have a housing crisis in Canada. Because we want one. How can anyone justify the rules that exist now for housing in Ontario most homeless people have income from The Ontario disability pension or old age security both incomes are fixed. Most people on this kind of income now cannot look forward to buy a house or pay full market rent. So why place a limit on assets in the bank for a person that's already been housed. If you live on a fixed income things are desperate food, is it variable commodity technology is pricey. When you get housing the first thing you want to do is to make it comfortable and secure. The second is to make yourself comfortable and secure that would mean money in the bank.

The poor living in rent assisted housing in Wellington County are only allowed about three months full market rent in savings in the bank. if they go above this figure they are asked to spend the extra money paying their rent at market value even on rent, for example, a tenant living in a building receiving old age security would be asked to pay full market rent if their assets were about the three months limit. After that they are then allowed to be apply for housing and placed it at the bottom of the list. That would mean that whatever assets they had would now be gone. If the tenant was lucky, they would find housing just in time today first I'm not.

I have noticed there are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today is addressing The United Nations in poverty in the third world. Come back home you poor be leaguered man and take a look of the people in your country lining up at the soup kitchens place

Editorial  Cartoon

Editorial Opinion Homelessness in Ontario 2

In Guelph being that there is no regional government as there is in Waterloo, the county is in charge when it comes to solutions for homelessness. The county is not doing a very good job. all one has to do it look at what used to be the central commercial core of downtown Guelph. A huge amount of provincial funding is spent in Guelph to pay an empire of civil servants who are supposed to act on the government’s behalf in the fight against homelessness and poverty. However, most of their time is spent reviewing poor people's income to see if they are still eligible for housing no one seems to check the efforts made by these government employees to see if they're following government policy.


Dealing with these people is like talking with the devil. They are sneaky and cannot be trusted one day the rules say this, and the next day the rule says that, and they make the rules.  Maybe taxpayers want people to be homeless. It seems logical a person who is already in housing should remain there and then efforts should be made to get more people housed instead what seems to be happening is a merry go round. You have housing then if you make any effort to improve yourself you don't have housing. No one knows exactly what the rules are for example are you allowed $50,000 in the bank or $70,000 in the bank. That is a lot of money, but not really because if for example an individual with rent assistance on a fixed income is suddenly asked to pay market rent that kind of money would last about four months before the individual was again eligible for housing. If you are over the limit which I've been told it's $50,000 then the client is required to spend the extra money either paying down debt or paying  rent which puts you in this situation perpetual poverty


So, what needs to change? first if an announcement is made by Doug Ford stating that people who live in housing are allowed to work. Then someone should be checking to make sure that rule is enforced properly and wish due diligence. Secondly provincial funding is taxpayers’ money aand taxpayers have a right to know that their money is being spent effectively. Monies spent on the poor should get to the poor. We are a Christian society, and we believe then we should help our brother. Provincial government monies give it to churches to feed the poor should be used to feed the poor. not for building repair and maintenance.


You read about organizations that had been set up to help with drug problems alcoholism and used to this time and you see that the provincial government is spending money. The $5000 that you read about $4000 is going to give four people full time jobs for four months in the expectation that they will receive another 5000 later so in fact what goes into the program is maybe $1000.







Editorial Opinion Homelessness in Ontario

Ontario today editorial opinion


What is it voters in Ontario would like to see changed? Obvious and outright like a pimple on the face it won't go away is the question of homelessness. Finding to resolve the issue should come from at least partly the provincial government access to federal funding should be available as well. Justin Trudeau and his liberals increased immigration into Canada without first resolving the problem of homelessness. A firsthand point of view I can tell you much then you can find out from the local news. So at the time the Canada would you welcome me refugees from Syria we still had a homeless problem but yet the government local and federal had no problem housing these refugees not only that they were also Bussed to English language school and then given jobs at local car part manufacturers. So where is our priorities here in Guelph ON and in Kitchener the homeless living tents while working people I can barely afford rent.

How government funding should resolve the issue is a question. Is genuinely nice to notice that social workers are now on the streets making and effort to communicate with the homeless. Not everyone is able to function in society the way we think they should. Sleeping on the street means that you are usually a victim of identity theft, and it takes a long time to get identity papers. Without papers you can't even file taxes let alone find a place to rent so it's nice to see but this first step are being taken, and you can't get access to government funding.


Another issue is credit and access to it. To Some people credit is the only way into housing they will use it pay to pay the first month rent. But the usual situation will prevail that being the bank interest rate may go up and down, but the credit card rate remained high 19 to 20% Thw banks aren't talking not asking why credit is needed or trying to control the amount of credit available.


Lloyd Longfield had no problem placing refugees in the local community and finding them jobs, but the same effort does not seem to be made when it comes to finding a homeless place to live.  You could say every refugee is they guaranteed vote for the liberals but down here looking up it looks very much right these people have brought whatever problems they had back home enter this country. Yes there is an need even a moral responsibility for a country as rich as Canada to give to the more needy nations of the world. However, immigration can bring people into this country who do not understand our culture and maybe even do not want to. This can put our country at risk.


We should I've resolved our problems at home before bringing in the heathen from parts unknown to take jobs away from Canadians

Peace and Good government

Editorial opinion


most jurisdictions in Ontario there are 3 at least levels of government 1 municipal, 2 regional and sometimes county. 3 provincial and four federral. If you're looking for work the one to work for the get of that and as the best holidays, is it federal government.

Bing for the jurisdiction of the federal government this is the answer The Canadian federal government has jurisdiction over a wide range of matters that are of national interest. According to the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982, the powers of the Parliament of Canada are enumerated in ss. 91 and 92 (10) and concern matters such as public debt and property, regulation of trade/commerce, unemployment insurance, direct/indirect taxation, postal service, census/statistics, defence, navigation/shipping, quarantine, sea coast and inland fisheries, ferries (interprovincial/international), currency/coinage, banking/incorporation of banks/paper money, weights and measures, bankruptcy, patents, copyrights, Indians/Indian reserves, citizenship, marriage/divorce, criminal law (including criminal procedure), penitentiaries and more1.

The exclusive powers of Provincial legislatures are enumerated in ss. 92, 92 (A) and 93 of the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982. They concern matters of a local nature such as direct taxation within Province, management/sale of public lands belonging to Province, prisons, hospitals, municipalities, formalization of marriage, property and civil rights administration of civil/criminal justice education incorporation of companies natural resources matters of a merely local or private nature1.

Concurrent powers are specified in ss. 94A and s. 95 of the Constitution Acts, 1867 to 1982. Old age pensions (see note 51), immigration and certain areas of government action - some of which have become priorities over the years - are not specifically identified and assigned to one or both orders of governments in the Constitution Act1.

The federal government also has the residual power to make laws necessary for Canada’s “peace, order and good government” 2. is


the provincial government is responsible for highways, possibly language

he provincial government only is it able to tax indirectly through federal government. sales tax lottery income is used provincially. But right now all government is evolving

Ford Nation industry Highways transit and a parents right to choose

Take Christ out of Christmas

Ontario Christian Right

Ontario to this point has prospered under the Conservative Leadership of Doug Fords Government. Mistake have been made, nobody no matter who, cannot help but go wrong. There is disagreement in how the green belt issue was handled. Justice in Ontario is another issue that needs to be addressed. Many people feel that the school system is not setting acceptable standards. there is one, one issue out above all the rest. The issue of the Christian lifestyle that is lived in Ontario.


Politicians in this province, if they are wise, can easily see there is a threat to Christian belief. In politics you must choose your fight. You can either align yourself with an issue that you feel that the government of Ontario I was not dealt with and it just manner and split the vote. 

Politics in Ontario are on a knife edge there is a growing and enraged left. The political parties of the left in Ontario set off alarm bell in the mind of anyone who is aligned with the Christian right.


In Ontario there our people who represent many different race, and sexual orientation who represent as Christian. And will continue to support a Christian Ontario. This is the vote that needs to be won over, if the Grinch is it not to steal Christmas.  

No matter what your issue or how much angry you have over this particular government in Ontario it is of extreme important that the main issue he kept front and centre. We want to see continued generations of Christians making a contribution in Ontario then we must unite the Christian right and pick the right fight, show united front and stand firm in our basic belief. The Pagans have a well organized political machine.

National Affiars

The Rape of the lock

Editorial Opinion Marianne’s law

This law is called Marianne’s law it was instituted and brought into force after local woman in Guelph was murdered by her husband. The logic behind it law was based on the premise that woman do not know when to call a relationship off. The circumstances behind the murder of this woman were, that she gave her husband a a second chance and that second chance cost her her life a very unfortunate incident. But to try to prevent this from happening again this law was passed.

This law was based on the premise that a woman is unable to decide for herself when she is in love. she is unable to know when the relationship becomes dangerous. Is it this not an insult to the intelligence a woman in general. This was the law that led to the building and maintaining a woman shelters this was the law that stated that if a woman said she was threatened the couple was to be separated immediately. This meant the man had to find someone to go surety for him if he could not find this he went to jail.

If this is the law then the law is an ass, any intelligent woman can speak for herself any intelligent man as Most of society has probably never encounter this law. most family relationships are a contract of understanding. However, there are those relationships that go astray.

This law needs to be revised as it has resulted in men going to jail based on an accusation not a guilty verdict It also becomes a region of soft legal rights when a man is accused of was saying something that woman perceived as harassment.

Pierre Trudeau what's a good Prime Minister he set up the Canadian constitution and the Canadian Bill of Rights these two laws must take precedence over any law that is set up to protect the right of women. The law in this country it's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. That is not what is happening today in Canada innocent man are being put in jail without trial based on an accusation. This must stop.


 The story of a man who told his wife one day that he was depressed. So, she phoned the police and told them he was depressed and talking about killing a kids. As a result of not being able to find surety he was jailed, and raped. He asked when he could come to trial to have his say they told him it would take 18 months to get before a judge and most likely by video. He asked a fellow inmate how do I get out of here? They said join a program. He did but he had to admit criminal guilt he was in out of jail on probation. The woman took over the house his car and the children. And this is only one example there are more.


A Short History of Donald Trump

Editorial opinion A short History Of Donald Trump

Taken from bing

“The Enigma code was a device used by the German military command to encode strategic messages before and during World War II. The code was first broken by the Poles in the early 1930s. In 1939, with the growing likelihood of a German invasion, the Poles turned their information over to the British, who set up a secret code-breaking group known as Ultra, under mathematician Alan M. Turing1. The Enigma has an electromechanical rotor mechanism that scrambles the 26 letters of the alphabet2. The main focus of Turing’s work at Bletchley was in cracking the ‘Enigma’ code. The Enigma was a type of enciphering machine used by the German armed forces to send messages securely3..”

This is not entirely true the code machine was found on a captured German sub the code was changed every day at midnite and a extra wheel was added by the Germans

From Bing

"There are several movies about the Enigma code. One of the most popular is “The Imitation Game” (2014) which portrays the real-life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing. The film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain’s top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II1.

It is not."

I asked Bing for a brief history of Donald Trump this is the result

"Donald Trump was the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. He was a real estate developer and businessman who owned, managed, or licensed his name to hotels, casinos, golf courses, resorts, and residential properties in the New York City area and around the world. He also lent his name to scores of retail ventures—including branded lines of clothing, cologne, food, and furniture —and to Trump University, which offered seminars in real estate education from 2005 to 2010. In the early 21st century his private conglomerate, the Trump Organization, comprised some 500 companies involved in a wide range of businesses, including hotels and resorts, residential properties, merchandise, and entertainment and television1.

Trump began his career working for his father’s real estate development firm, taking over its leadership in the 1970s. In the ensuing decades, he acquired and built hotels, office towers, casinos and golf courses and also appeared on 14 seasons of “The Apprentice.”2"


Trudeau Cartoon

The Future Canadian Pudding Head Ten

Local Affiars

Police Budget How it Works For Downtown Guelph

Store Review Downtown Guelph 

Never mind the construction. 40 Baker Street is the place to be for anything computer or game related used or brand new. The Proprietor of PC trust, John, can get you anything you need. Including a used cell phone, a brand-new phone, laptop, or that elusive cable for an old model printer.

The name of the game at this downtown Guelph location is service with a smile. What John does not know about current communication technology is not worth knowing. John has been around and will fix almost any problem you have with your PC.or new gaming entertainment.

 The price can be easy on the pocketbook. So, remember PC Trust when you need a friend. 



How To Start A Nuclear War part 2

How to start a Nuclear war

Two editorials  Doctors: Scroll this section

Cartoon; One of Guelph's local politicians was recently helped to feed people at one of this cities downtown Church kitchens. How wonderful the people were. I think He got it wrong. It is housing not handouts these people want. 

Finding God

Housing  Ontario

Editorial Cartoon Police and the law. Know your rights More under Cartoon


uelph Police assault with CASTRATION CHEMICALS And No trial

Guelph And the Rainbow Flag

Balance Of Power, Policing in Guelph Election 2022



The Question of the POOR


Video of Unfinished art

Impressionism In Progress

This Painting is for Sale $1,500.00, Title, Hope,

complete June 20, 2022: Joseph Philip Musgrave musgrave52@outlook.com (painting) see below

Editorial opinion Bank Cartoon 

We do these Things, and the others

Remember Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoons

United States Claims communication with Russia going well

Vaccination  should not be a requirement for employment

It's plastic Mam! Copyright

Phil Musgrave


Married Life

Who ME?


Dirty Harry

Granny likes to fish


Poems and Pictures

This is a poem for mental health

afraid to talk a nap I wonder the soulless recess of hell

lack of sleep more muscle more every time

the face I love

he hasn’t left the house in fifty years

everything is some kind of mental torture

I hate the name and cannot find my way

Lord is there anyone to help us

Die Like soldier standing up

so many minds broken of dreams

how many can stop

it's an aging population

of selfs

keep saying I am not supposed to be here

and must

Die like a soldier standing up

The bombs will come again

He won’t stop for a christian burial

get ready he hits a again

you try for friendship

too tricky

so you

die like a soldier standing up

food means nothing

the days are not there

I  wish my loved my heart

and together as best we can we

Die like a soldier standing up.




Run route # work early quiet

Night blue light return work more chat

earbuds a all over the garden of conversation

edit more names of roads that someone

walking to the back, not done Recently

tomorrow early why no one awake

in summer sunrise

still no talking

you go anywhere away from your hood

exciting people to meet

cozy bus in winter

crazy bus in summer

an excuse when there is no other


Copyright Phil Musgrave

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