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Not eveyone will agree with this writing. but that is what free speech is about, their must be a course in logic at some western university somewhere that is would argue for the stand Israel has taken against palistine. Why have these terrorists not given back all the people that are still being held hostage in Gaza. If this situation happened to any other sovereign nation, That nation would have a right, an Obligation to it's citizens to stike back. 

The representions made by palistine of a two state solution are reprehensible due to the fact that not all hostages have been returned home. to Israel. an apolige is also in order here from hamas to Israel for there terroist tatics and a promise not to behave in this manner agian. If this is not forthcoming and all hostages are returned. Then Israel has every right to defend itself and destroy Hamas. Like any nation under attack from terrorists.

New Art

April 1 2024

Phil Musgrave 

April 1 2024

Phil Musgrave 

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Guelph Taxi

Image Copyright Phil Musgrave

Blue Nude

Islamaphobia Editorial Opinion 

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Editorial  more on homelessness

Editorial Opinion

It should be explained in a little more detail why we have a housing crisis in Canada. Because we want one. How can anyone justify the rules that exist now for housing in Ontario most homeless people have income from The Ontario disability pension or old age security both incomes are fixed. Most people on this kind of income now cannot look forward to buy a house or pay full market rent. So why place a limit on assets in the bank for a person that's already been housed. If you live on a fixed income things are desperate food, is it variable commodity technology is pricey. When you get housing the first thing you want to do is to make it comfortable and secure. The second is to make yourself comfortable and secure that would mean money in the bank.

The poor living in rent assisted housing in Wellington County are only allowed about three months full market rent in savings in the bank. if they go above this figure they are asked to spend the extra money paying their rent at market value even on rent, for example, a tenant living in a building receiving old age security would be asked to pay full market rent if their assets were about the three months limit. After that they are then allowed to be apply for housing and placed it at the bottom of the list. That would mean that whatever assets they had would now be gone. If the tenant was lucky, they would find housing just in time today first I'm not.

I have noticed there are Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today is addressing The United Nations in poverty in the third world. Come back home you poor be leaguered man and take a look of the people in your country lining up at the soup kitchens place

Editorial  Cartoon

Trudeau Cartoon

The Future Canadian Pudding Head Ten

Local Affiars

Police Budget How it Works For Downtown Guelph


Cartoon; One of Guelph's local politicians was recently helped to feed people at one of this cities downtown Church kitchens. How wonderful the people were. I think He got it wrong. It is housing not handouts these people want. 

Editorial Cartoon Police and the law. Know your rights More under Cartoon


Editorial opinion Bank Cartoon 

We do these Things, and the others

Remember Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoons

United States Claims communication with Russia going well

Vaccination  should not be a requirement for employment


Dirty Harry

Granny likes to fish


Poems and Pictures

This is a poem for mental health

afraid to talk a nap I wonder the soulless recess of hell

lack of sleep more muscle more every time

the face I love

he hasn’t left the house in fifty years

everything is some kind of mental torture

I hate the name and cannot find my way

Lord is there anyone to help us

Die Like soldier standing up

so many minds broken of dreams

how many can stop

it's an aging population

of selfs

keep saying I am not supposed to be here

and must

Die like a soldier standing up

The bombs will come again

He won’t stop for a christian burial

get ready he hits a again

you try for friendship

too tricky

so you

die like a soldier standing up

food means nothing

the days are not there

I  wish my loved my heart

and together as best we can we

Die like a soldier standing up.




Run route # work early quiet

Night blue light return work more chat

earbuds a all over the garden of conversation

edit more names of roads that someone

walking to the back, not done Recently

tomorrow early why no one awake

in summer sunrise

still no talking

you go anywhere away from your hood

exciting people to meet

cozy bus in winter

crazy bus in summer

an excuse when there is no other


Copyright Phil Musgrave

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