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Yes, prehaps it is a little early for Christmas, this is survival time for many retailers. Your dollar has an impact. Sure you can buy online, what will your town look like in the spring. Get out and spend a few bucks in person. Help the smaller merchants survive. Santa Claus in will Arrive in Guelph

Guelph remembered in a time of crisis 2020 More Pictures Here

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The Great Train Move copyright Phil Musgrave

It was on this day November 14th Engine #6167 was moved to a new location in Guelph

Beside the Riverrun Center The heavy lifting was done by Mammoet on hand was a tower crane that placed and dismantled a Temporary Iron Bridge over the active railway line.two moving platforms self leveling one with is own drive and a gantry crane to lift 6167 into its new home. Guelph Mondel Railroad Socioty Trains More Photos of the Historic move


Help for Seniors Call 211: Links Below Keep adding More. Stay Safe

War can break your heart

A writing: copyright Phil Musgrave.

lf I Could only find a way to pause for a minute and think." On November 11, in Canada. We celebrate the victory of Wars. The enemy we fought in the past, now standing together, we look back to learn and acknowledge the horror of War. Young men, and women who gave their lives. So we could live free. Remember me In a time before you, I had a heart that could be broken too.