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This is a warning to anyone who is the caregiver in the province of Ontario. I oversee the welfare over 92-year-old man who is at the present time housed in a retirement residence and in need of long term care This man has medical issues because of surgery. He has always complained to me about the quality of the food and the price he paid for the privilege of living in squalor. I admit this must be worst nursing home in the city, but he chose it and he chose me because no one else cares. A month ago this man, a working-class hero, who held Adown a job for 35 years at the same company.

A month ago this 92-year-old took it on himself with my help to take a taxi ride to the nearby long term care home and visit. He did not have an invitation except to say that he had called ahead of time and had found some friendly voice who he could talk to. He is an old man whose mind wanders between the cracks of sanity. Yesterday I signed a letter sent to me by his care coordinator at the local health initiative based in Waterloo. It was sent to me by a worker who oversees the team I signed the form electronically and send it back to them.

I then phoned them to tell them I had done so, but I asked That my charge not be told because it might upset him as he is already suffering from panic attacks. I then received a phone call back from his worker, she tells me that the form I had just signed was illegal. I've then proceeded to the home just to visit the gentleman. he was at supper so I went to see him asked if I could join his table both people said yes. I was immediately subjected to a verbal tirade from the on-duty nurse who told me that my friend would not be eligible for long term care because there was a list.

He wanted to go. The problem is the staff at the home are intimidating him. Even now there are two notice of termination one from my friend to the home, and one from the home to him, both are quite legal. Now there is also a signed request for crisis care.

This situation has come about because the Doug Ford government is quite content to treat human beings as economic commodities. No effort has been made in Ontario to control the cost of living in retirement residents therefore old people, are just another cog in the world of commerce. The only reason this home in Guelph is in existence is to make a profit. the owner of the home has absolutely no idea of how to treat or respect elderly people. 

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