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It is with fortitude and trepidation that I approach. My 72nd year. On this planet. I will celebrate. My 71st birthday. On October the 11th. I have made many friends. And experienced many events. And I had boundless joy. And happiness. I am at peace. With myself. And My God. 

I am grateful. For many things. My friendships. I have people. Around me who. have brought to me. The wonders. Of God's creation. I am happy. 


Now. To give advice. To this broken world., It is one word. Love. love your children. And keep your friends close. Be wise. Stay close to the roots .of your faith,. A Christian faith,. That built this nation. Canada. Be happy. But be on your guard. Integrity. Is. A. Most. Precious. Word. 

The incompetant carpentor All about Plants 

The incompetant carpentor lighting unit goes 1n 

The incompetant carpentor thoughts on lighting  

The incompetant carpentor forward progress  

The incompetant carpentor Tops on The Project

The incompetant carpentor The secret is out

The incompetant carpentor oiling

The incompetant roof

The incompetant carpentor Top Shelf

The incompetant carpenter Needs washable paint

The incompetant carpenter standing ready to paint

The incompetant carpenter It gets More interesting 

The incompetant carpenter Whats this 

The incompetant carpenter Preview

The incopompetant Carpenter

The Incompetant Capenter Template

The Incompetant Carpenter Shelving Brackets 

The Incompetant carpentor 6 fixing thing

The incompetent Carpentor 5

Apartment Redo 4

Apartment redo #3

Apertment redo #3

Apartment Redo #2 

Apartment Redo 1

Kites Kites And More Kites

Hi There

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From a distance




New Art In Progress

Paintings and War

The relationship between art and war is an interesting one. What do you see when you look at this picture, painting. Hopefully if I had done a good job the emotions you feel should help you transcend above the human condition. Is this not the purpose of art. Art brings meaning and purpose to life. War brings distraction, pain, and death., art on the other hand presents you with a picture and the beauty I've transcendence. not all art is about transcendence some examines the condition of life this painting although not complete is full boundaries and borders a thing that was not intentional. the war in the world today is about boundaries it should never have started in the first place there was plenty of warning.

why paint a picture? Why knit a scarf? why make a gourmet meal?These things are acts of creation. Why make a nuclear missile? Why make a secret code? Why build a robot that can fight a war for you? Unless We are willing to take control of the world in a fair and creative way we are doomed to stumble and perhaps even fall.  It's a nice to be in a part of the world that is peaceful and time can be spent in acts. of positive creation

We are not diplomats, so we place our trust and hope in the ones that are? the leaders of our world today

More art In progress

New show Opens at If Boutique See The real thing in Person 

More New Art




An Art Video

 Almost done 

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Joseph Philip Musgrave

Filling in the cracks

filled the countersink

Fill the cracks

paint the frame

"No," I said "Blue, not that Yeaky color I want Blue!" 

Not done Yeti

Twisted Carpenter

Tools at Hand

Framing Halucination Niagara Falls step three

Sanding Has finished

Frame Cut by Rona Hardware store Guelph

tight fit

some thinking needs to be done

I would like to thank the workers at Rona Hardware Store On Dawson Road Guelph for helping me walk though this step 

 Ready to frame halucination niagara falls Joseph Philip Musgrave


Help for Seniors in Ontario 

Call 211: 

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SQUARE Dancing College Royal University of Guelph

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